With the exception of traumatic impact the main underlying cause of back pain and sports injuries is dysfunctional biomechanics. What this means that functional alignment of joints is lost over time due to poor posture, incorrect use of the body, poor technique or changes in body alignment as a result of the body compensating for an old injury. Misaligned joints and dysfunctional movement patterns put unnecessary strain on joints and make them susceptible to injury. When the injury happens it is almost always the end result of a long and complex chain of neuromuscular dis function. Understanding this is crucial in treating the injury and eliminating the underlying muscle imbalance through appropriate remedial exercises and postural corrections.

Most Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are capable, as a result of good training, of diagnosing an injury accurately. The reason that many of them are not capable of resolving the problem quickly and efficiently is that while they may be good at treating the injury, they are not good at diagnosing and eliminating the cause of the injury.

It is this ability to accurately diagnose the cause of the injury that gives me a very high success rate in treating chronic back problems and sports injuries. Over 40 years of being a physical educator and a movement coach coupled with over 50,000 hours of clinical experience has given me a very clear understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology which helps me successfully diagnose and treat back problems and injuries with a relatively few number of treatments.

In treating these conditions I use a combination of therapies that I select to suit the needs of the patient. Typically I use Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool and treat using Bio Cranial Therapy, Osteomyology manipulative and adjustment techniques, and Acupuncture if it suits the condition and the patient.