ABOUT Quincy Rabot

I take a very holistic approach in diagnosing and treating “dis-ease’ in my patients, and select from a variety of treatment modalities to suit the particular needs of the patient. Besides manual medicine techniques (soft tissue and spinal manipulation) I commonly use Bio Cranial Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I also advise patients on posture, remedial exercises and nutrition when necessary.

In my clinical work I treat a wide variety of health conditions with an emphasis on neuromuscular functional problems caused by trauma or structural misalignment. Given my long association with sporting activities – performing and coaching – I have a particular interest in sports and back injuries and I have my own approach to this.

I am an Osteomyologist with over 50,000 hours of clinical experience and more than 40 years experience of teaching and coaching a wide variety of physical activities, from martial arts to sports. I also run workshops on movement dynamics and kinesiology, and lecture on manual medicine internationally.

In my teaching and coaching work I teach Chinese Internal martial arts and run workshops on kinesiology, ergonomics, and movement dynamics for a wide variety of disciplines – from sporting activities to performance arts.

Patients’ kind words

We asked some of Quincy’s patients if they wouldn’t mind giving us some testimonials about Quincy and his treatments for the website. We were overwhelmed and moved to receive so many.  Unfortunately we can’t fit them all in but here’s a rotating selection. Thanks to everybody who emailed with their testimonial. We will try and change weekly and all will be eventually shown.
  • throughout the last 18 years of attending Quincy’s Tai Chi classes I have never ceased to be impressed with his vast biomechanic and alignment/postural knowledge. He brings his expertise to his Chinese medicine practice which combined with his calm patient approach brings very satisfying results.



    Nicola Davies Bsc (Hons) RCST Craniosacral Therapist
  • “Quincy I have known for 25 years.
    He has successfully treated all our family & friends with a variety of illnesses.
    Each of them have been truly amazed at his skills in quickly diagnosing the problem & then fixing them.
    His objective is to cure you there & then plus advice on how to stay well – not to sign you up for a course of treatments which seems the norm for all other practioners.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Quincy for whatever  illness you may have & only hope & pray he never retires – what would we do?

    PS. His extensive knowledge means he is also a great reposit for recommending good books to read on a variety of subjects.”

    Gordon Pope - Alton, Hampshire
  • “I have known Quincy for over 20 years. During this time he has provided my family and I with advice and treatment for a variety of conditions (muscular, skin and diet, mental & physical fatigue, thyroid deficiency, menopausal symptoms . . . .  to name but a few!)
    Over the years, we have become to rely on Quincy to diagnose, advice and treat conditions and ailments which otherwise would have become deep rooted and prolonged.
    To say that Quincy comes highly recommended, would be an understatement, as for our family and friends, we  would go as far as to say he is a “must” , as we journey through life’s many weird and unexpected ailments.
    For years we have been saying “Quincy will sort it!” , and he always does! “

  • I have known Quincy for over 20 years and over this time have never come across a medical practitioner I trust more to not just fix but correct the fundamental causes of sporting injuries and the aggregate effects of modern life on the body.  Quincy’s approach of not addressing only the symptom but to take a holistic view of the body and an individual’s lifestyle/lifestyle/diet etc and to make recommendations that have long term positive impact is something I have and will continue to recommend to anyone who will listen.  On many occasions sporting injuries would normally have led to invasive medical procedures, however on each occasion I have consulted Quincy and trusted his learning before ever going under the knife.  Many thanks!

    Jonathon via email