Osteomyology manipulative treatments are very precise adjustments that are applied to joints and are similar to Chiropractic and Osteopathy treatments. I use these techniques to treat biomechanical problems like whiplash injuries, shoulder-neck-arm problems, back problems, sciatica, overuse injuries and sports injuries.

Having trained in traditional Chinese acupuncture in Sri Lanka and London I have used acupuncture treatments for the last 30 years. I find acupuncture useful in treating digestive disorders, hormonal problems and problems that are related to the immune system such as asthma, hay fever, rheumatoid arthritis and allergic skin disease. It is also particularly useful in treating traumatic soft tissue injuries.

Applied Kinesiology is primarily a diagnostic system that involves testing neuromuscular function. It also includes a number of very specific techniques that help restore neuromuscular function and correct muscle imbalances. I use a lot of AK techniques to diagnose biomechanical problems and to determine the appropriateness of treatments.

Bio Cranial Therapy is a system of cranial therapy that has a profound effect on the connective tissue of the body. The osteopath Dr. Robert Boyd invented it and I had the good fortune to be one of his first students. As far as I am aware I am possibly the only one practicing Bio Cranial Therapy in England at the present time. Unlike Craniosacral Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy it is a very quick treatment that produces instantly observable changes to the cranial bones and the structural alignment of the body. Being suitable for treating patients of any age it is particularly useful in treating young children and the very elderly.

My approach on the treatment for back pain and sports injuries


“I have seen Quincy on a number of occasions over the last few years, having been originally recommended by a friend for whom he sorted out a chronic back problem. There is a wonderful certainty to visiting Quincy, which is that I invariably go into his consulting room crooked and in some pain, and will come out shortly afterwards pain-free. He has an uncanny ability to locate and cure the various aches and pains I have brought on myself in my neck and shoulders and down my back, mostly from playing sport. He is also hugely helpful in suggesting various simple exercises to maintain my body in reasonable working order”.

Sir John Wigram

‘We are very fortunate to have found Quincy with his profound knowledge of Eastern and and Western practices. I was referred to him after six months of unsuccessful treatments by well respected physiotherapists and with his careful diagnosis, treatments and prescribed exercises I am now free from significant pain and have a new sense of physical well being. Thank you Quincy.”

Professor Walter Reid